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Many of the foods with health benefits involve the addition of bioactive components that may have health benefits as an individual ingredient.

A substantial body of the research activity on healthy foods has focused on biochemistry of bioactive components.

There is a lack of research on:

  • the food processability of bioactives;
  • incorporation of bioactives and stability in foods;
  • impact of bioactives on the structure and sensory quality of food;
  • physiological efficacy of bioactives when incorporated in foods.

latest news

June 2013
SUMMER SCHOOL, University College of Dublin, June 10-12, 2013
February 2013
Workshop of the Working Group 4 “Technology Transfer”

took place in Vienna on February 20


July 2012
FA 1001 Summer school: Methodologies for interfacial and colloidal structure quantification

PARIS - 9 th -11 th July 2012

Prof. Laura PIAZZA

FA1001 Action Chair
Prof. Laura PIAZZA
University of Milan - Department of Food Science and Microbiology
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