A key focus of the Action will be the optimisation of internal and external contacts and cooperation.

  • The outputs of this Action will be linked to other complementary programmes. This will assist in the dissemination of tools for designing new food for health, wellness and pleasure to the European Food producers.
  • Leaders of other complementary programmes will be invited to Action’s general meetings.

Scientific organizations contacted include:

  • EFCE-Food section (European Federation Chemical Engineering - Food Section);
  • EFFoST (European Federation of Food Science and Technology);
  • IFA (ISEKI-Food Association).

Several partners of the Action had previously worked for the most part independently on multiphase food structure-function-process-formulation-nutrition-health benefits and have/had links to European research projects of relevance:

  • they are conducting research in the area of food structure and function;
  • they have explored the use of novel processes to improve production efficiency, the safety, stability and sensory quality of food;
  • they have studied the interacting food polymers to entrap and target the delivery of food bioactives in the human gut.