Picture First Name Last name Country Institution Research Field
Vesna Tumbas Serbia Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad
Marta Munoz-Ibanez France AgroParisTech
Mladen Brncic Croatia Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology; University of Zagreb Food Engineering; Novel Food Processing Technologies
Kata Trifkovic Serbia University of Belgrade, Faculty of Tehnology and Metallurgy Functional Food, Micro and Nano Encapsulation
Gabriela Iordachescu Romania Dunarea de Jos University Sensory analysis, Consumer science, Food quality
Tamara Dapčević Hadnađev Serbia University of Novi Sad Food structure and rheology, biopolymers, cereal products, emulsions
Maria Binder Poland University of Life Sciences
Marina Popovska Domazetova Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Food and Veterinary Agency Food Risk Assessment
Virginia Glicerina Italy University of Bologna Food Microstructure and Rheology
Olga Kaltsa Greece Agricultural University of Athens Emulsions, nanomeulsions with appliations on foodstuffs
Vesna Tumbas Serbia Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad
Milena Zuza Serbia Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy
Stefano Renzetti Netherlands TNO Food physics, Material science, Cereal science
Dorota Mickiewicz Poland University of Warmia and Mazury Structure formation and properties of microparticulated protein, rheology
Dimitris Karampalis Greece Agricultural University of Athens Food Engineering
Nesli Sozer Finland VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Kaisa Poutanen Finland VTT Food technology
MIRELA ILIČIĆ Serbia Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad Technology and quality of dairy products: fermented dairy products, cheeses, dairy products as functional food. Application of membrane processes in dairy technology;application of starter culture in dairy products.
Maria Victoria Caruana Malta BSc Biology and Chemistry
Cristina Alamprese Italy Università degli Studi di Milano Food Science and Technology