The Action will:

• take a truly holistic, multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to the design of new healthy foods;
harness the strengths of scientists who already have/had funded research in each of the key disciplines;
• promote discussion and transfer of data between European groups;
avoid duplication of research in different European countries;
• be ideal for the mentoring of young scientists, exposing them to a holistic approach to innovative food product design and helping them embrace entrepreneurship;
• promote technological transfer to all stakeholders in the food development chain;
• It is expected that academia will use the outputs from the Action to further their research and aid the submission of applications for funding of innovative research goals.

The participants have identified 4 key research priorities. A Working Group (WG) will be established for each of the 4 focus areas.


A key aspect of the workplan will be the integration of all 4 work packages. This will involve extensive co-operation between researchers and collation of data.