WG2 will develop task 2:
“Elucidating structure-property functions and designing model multiphase systems – foams and emulsions”

Key words: physical properties of polymers, the structure of foams and emulsions, stabilization protection and delivery of bioactives.

Deliverable: The integration of data from physical chemistry and multi-phase structure to design emulsions and foams with enhanced stability capable of effectively protecting and delivering bioactives with health benefits.

Goal: Understanding structuring dynamics and morphology on the different interconnected size scales from molecular to macroscopic under various stress conditions that are found in structure processing operations, in order to generate tailored property functions of consumer Preference, Acceptance and Need profile.

Nominated Members:

Name Positionsort icon Country Institution
Erik Van Der Linden WG2 CHAIR Netherlands Wageningen University Food Physics Group
Costas Biliaderis WG2 VICE CHAIR Greece Aristotle University, Dept. Food Science